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This service introduced by Piranha Mobile is the landline or mobile call-back service (also known as Call Off-Load). The idea which prompted this feature is the fact that traditional call-back can be expensive in some countries where inter operator termination (IOT) costs apply, so instead of getting called back on the Piranha Mobile SIM, Piranha Mobile allows customers to be called back on a local landline or mobile. For example, a customer in the Bahamas who would want to call the UK, is now able to request a call-back to their landline/mobile in the Bahamas, Piranha Mobile then connects the call to the intended destination in the UK. The call is triggered using the users Piranha Mobile SIM, and is billed to the customer's Piranha Mobile account.


1. Using Call Off-Load, calling from the Bahamas to the UK landline/mobile, normal call-back call costs £1.42, making same call using Call Off-Load from a landline/mobile costs £0.14.

Call Off-Load Set-Up:

Use your mobile to call as shown with the numbers *110* call-back-destination-number* call destination number # send.

1. Call-back destination number = the number where the person initiating the call wants to be called back on.
2. Call destination number = the number that the person initiating the call actually wants to call.
Once the landline or mobile rings at your destination, answer the call as normal, you will then be connected to the number you are calling.

Note: Off-Load calls made to high rate termination numbers will be charged higher than the advertised rate. All calls are billed per minute.

Use the Off-load Rate Calculator below for costs:


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