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The Piranha Mobile call forwarding service uses advanced technology in order to optimize the cost of call forwarding. Like most GSM networks, Piranha Mobile's unconditional call forwarding (CFU) or on no response (CNFR), is charged to the user at the regular cost to terminate the call to the forwarded destination, but unlike most cellular or Roaming SIM providers, Piranhas call forwarding does not charge the cost of a standard roaming incoming call, instead you only ever pay the termination cost.


1. Normal cost of receiving a call in the UK is £0.03.The cost to receive same call on call forwarding mobile or landline is £0.02

Call Forwarding Set Up:

You can activate/deactivate call forwarding, either from handset or your on-line account.

From handset:

1. Activate call forwarding on no response: *114*number#
2. Activate unconditional call forwarding: *115*number#
3. Check call forwarding status: *116#
4. Deactivate call forwarding: *117#

From user account:

1. Login to your user account, then "SIM Accounts"
2. Select correct account from SIM list (only applies to users with more than one account).
3. Locate "Set Call Forwarding To"
4. Enter the number you want to forward all your calls too. I.e. UK number 447418xxxxxx or US number 120285xxxxx. Do not use ++ or leave spaces. Make sure the number you are forwarding too is correct "Update SIM". To turn off call forwarding select "Deactivate Call Forward" and "Update SIM". You can call forward any of your Piranha Mobile numbers.

Note: Forwarding calls to high termination rate numbers will be charged higher than the advertised rate. All calls are billed per minute.

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