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Piranha Mobile believes in giving all of our customers the very best possible call rates, and in order to do so Piranha has produced the ultimate Roaming SIM Card. Select an option from below to read more about each function and what it can do for you.

Roaming Costs:

1. The Piranha Mobile SIM Card has very low outgoing call rates. Calls start from £0.08 per minute with VoIP calls starting from as little as £0.01 per minute. In order to keep these outgoing costs low Piranha has introduced very competitive incoming call costs. Any incoming call cost which you may find high will have an IOT attached. IOT stands for Inter Operator Tariff and is only charged by certain Mobile Network Operators in certain countries, unfortunately this is an unavoidable charge and a charge which Piranha will pass onto the user at cost price. The only way to avoid these costs and guarantee 100% free global roaming is when using the VoIP application, the call off-load or the call forwarding services. Please be aware when calling premium rate numbers, (i.e. mainly non Mobile Network Operators, who use high termination rate numbers) these will be charged substantially higher than the advertised rate.

2. Call Off-Load. This service introduced by Piranha is the landline or mobile call-back (also known as Call Off-Load). The idea which prompted this feature is the fact that traditional call-back can be expensive in some countries where inter operator termination (IOT) costs apply, so instead of getting called back on the Piranha SIM, Piranha allows customers to be called back on a local landline or mobile. For example, a customer in the UK who would want to call the USA, is now able to request a call-back to their direct line in the UK, Piranha then connects the call to the intended destination in the USA. The call is triggered using the users Piranha SIM, and is billed to the customer's Piranha mobile account.

3. Call-Forwarding. Piranhas call forwarding service uses advanced technology in order to optimize the cost of call forwarding. Like most GSM networks, Piranhas unconditional call forwarding (CFU) or on no response (CNFR), is charged to the user at the regular cost to terminate the call to the forwarded destination, but unlike most cellular or roaming SIM providers, Piranhas call forwarding does not charge the cost of a standard roaming incoming call, instead you only pay the termination cost. You can call forward any of your Piranha Mobile numbers.

Note: All calls are billed per minute from first connection, i.e. from the time the call-back is answered and accepted by the user. No charge for unanswered calls when using VoIP or Direct Dial. If the mobile network your SIM card is roaming on cannot send us the call-back in the normal way, it will, very rarely be sent to us by 'SMS protocol'. (This does not affect how you make or receive your calls). When this happens Piranha are charged extra to receive the call, if this happens the user will be charged an additional one off connection fee of £0.20. Unfortunately, how the call is controlled by the roaming mobile network operator is out of our control.