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SIM Card Questions

How do I activate my SIM or eSIM and VoIP App?

Once you receive your physical SIM you will need to Top Up and choose a number or Data only to activate . For eSIMs, download the barcode which you will find in your online account. Please be advised that eSIMS are non transferable and can only be activated in one device, If a customer losses or changes handsets there will be a 5.00 USD admin charge applied, this charge is for setting up new eSIM and transferring all numbers and balances. For VoIP you need to download the Mobyx App from Google play store or Apple store first then scan the barcode found in your on line account.

How do I make a call?

All calls are direct dial, no call-back, just use your handset as you would normally, expect always use the international dialling code when calling any destination. All calls are billed per 30 seconds.

Click here for a list of International dialling codes

How do I receive a call?

You receive a call in the normal way and if a charge applies to the incoming call it is billed per 30 seconds.
Please refer to the rates calculator on the home page. All incoming calls via the VoIP App are free.

How do I send an SMS?

You can send an SMS in the normal way but always remember to use the international dialling code first.
Single text messages are limited to 160 characters, including spaces.
More than 160 characters the text message will be classed as a second text and charged accordingly.

How do I select a network?

If your handset is not auto showing networks, you may have to manually select from one of the networks posted on the rates calculator.


Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


Go to settings > Scroll to and tap either “General management” or “System,” depending on what device you have > Tap either “Reset” or “Reset options > Tap the words “Reset network settings > You’ll have to confirm that you want to reset your network setup
SIM Account Questions

How do I top-up my SIM/eSIM

Click on Recharge SIM located on the main menu and login to your account. Click the Top-Up icon next to the SIM you wish to recharge and follow the purchase instructions.

Expiration of SIM/eSIM
All SIMs remain active as long as you maintain sufficient balance to cover the cost of your terminations.
SIMs will only be removed from our system if it has not been used for 365 days from last successful termination.
All numbers including the VoIP application are charged at $1.50 cents per Month unless stated and do not expire as long as you maintain sufficient balance to cover the Monthly charge.
If you fail to maintain sufficient balance the number will be removed to stop any further charges for the number incurring. If you lose your number through lack of  balance you have up to a maximum of 30 days to recover your number before it is returned for reallocation.
To recover a lost number, you will need to contact Piranha Mobile administration using the Ticketing System found under your account and request recovery.

A surcharge of $5.00 will be incurred to have same number reallocated.


When the Customer purchases the Piranha SIM/eSIM they are also provided with a choice of one Telephone number. Each SIM/eSIM comes with one number only, with a choice of UK, US or Canadian numbers (Customers choice on registration and activation of SIM). UK, US and Canadian numbers including the VoIP application are charged at $1.50 per month. All numbers will be retained as long as there is credit in your account, if your credit goes below zero and is not topped up the number will be withdrawn after 48 hours , there will be a $5.00 charge to reinstate any withdrawn numbers. Number changes will be charged at $5.00 per number, there will be no charge if the number is found to be faulty. All numbers support A2P applications, however due to IP address checks we cannot guarantee any 3rd party verification  Apps.


Where do I find my number

You can find your allocated mobile number in your online accounts under the “View SIM Accounts & Billing”.

Where can I get my account balance

You can either get your SIM current balance from your online account.
Call Terminations & Transactions

Where do I find my call logs

Click on My Account located on the main menu and login to your account. Click on the View SIM Accounts and Billing icon You will now be able to view you call logs and top-up transactions using the relevant buttons corresponding to your SIM/eSIM. All call logs and transactions are available to download using the export button for up to 60 days.
Setting up APN for data

What are the APN settings for Data

APN is now auto set, if you have any issues you can enter the APN manually, enter fastaccess all lower case no username or password required.

Data is billed per 100kb. Always remember to turn off your Data roaming when not required.

Setting Up VoIP or SIP

Once the SIM/eSIM is activated download the Mobyx App from Google store or Apple store, then download the barcode for VoIP, which you will find in your online account.
Other SIM Related Questions

My iPhone keeps getting strange messages starting REG-RESP

This is due to your Iphone trying to connect to Facetime or iMessage. To stop these messages you should disable these features on you handset. Note: Your handset is sending SMS in the background. We have no control over this. The SMS sent by the Apple App are non-refundable. More details about this can be found here
How to disable iMessanger and Facetime on iPhone:

Do Piranha support 4G

We do support 4G, so please make sure your handset is set to preferred 4G under network settings in your handset. If your handset is set to 4G you may find you are unable to connect to a 4G network, this could be due to local coverage issues, if this happens it will resort to 3G.

Verification codes

All numbers provided support A2P, however due to IP address checks we cannot guarantee any 3rd party verification Apps .

Postage and Shipping Information 

Where is my tracking number

Unless you have selected for International Signed For when ordering your SIM, no tracking number is supplied, and your order is sent out to by Royal Mail standard post to its destination.
If you selected International Signed For when ordering you will find your tracking information in your online account under your “My Shop Orders”, “View your order history”, once the order has been marked as shipped. If you have a tracking number you can check progress from HERE

What are the shipping options

We use Royal Mail for all our orders and charge a standard flat rate fee of $5.00 per item to anywhere in the world.
Some of our packages include FREE delivery that is included in the total cost of the item.
Delivery will only be made to the address specified when you complete the order.
We do not deliver to PO box addresses under any circumstances.
Whilst we make a considerable effort to deliver all your products within 15 to 30 working days (depending on location), we shall not be liable if we fail to do so in part or in full due to circumstances beyond our control.
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further information.
Estimated time frames for delivery of Products or completion of Services are estimates only and delays may arise due to matters outside of our reasonable control. We highly recommend using International Signed for orders to China, India and other Asian Countries.
If you are ordering from these regions and have not chosen International Signed for and your delivery does not arrive, we will only resend the order by International Signed for with an excess fee of $12.00.
You can upgrade your delivery to International Signed for only if your order has not already been shipped.
Request a delivery upgrade from your accounts support tickets and we will provide a payment link if it is possible to upgrade.

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